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About Us

Commenced its business in 2002 in our main industry of Aluminum with improvement activities in manufacturing plants, quality, and production amounts, our company not only increased the production amounts in the operated plants over 100% in a very short time, but also vastly succeeded in the aluminum industry by not compromising on quality and closely following the ever-changing technology day by day and proved itself in the aluminum industry with advancements in the field of railing accessories production in 2009. Thus completed the production profile in a wide range of products in the aluminum industry from production of raw materials to end consumer products, and became a company that is sought after and referred to its experiences in this industry. In addition to all of the above, our company became a wide-ranging import-export supplier with its business partners in the field of import-export, and established the company Perpolio in 2013 for the purpose of gathering its experiences in the fields of production, plant building, sales-exports, management, and financial consultancy under a single roof, and became a wide-ranging supplier in various industries in a short time. Gaining a business-oriented structure with customer satisfaction remaining on the forefront thanks to these achievements, today, our company continues to grow rapidly by offering reliable, on-time and result-oriented works and products to our valued business partners.